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Keyboard Macro Editor lets you create macros to help you in specific everyday activities, such as opening and saving files, navigating to a specific folder, launching a program, etc.
This freeware software is quite simple to use, with an interface very similar to that of Microsoft Notepad.
Macros can be created and edited in three different windows: the “Keyboard Macro Editor Window”, the “Macro Definition Window” and the “Macro Usage Window”.
The last one shows you the list of the available macros, and allows you to edit their definition and/or use them.
A useful feature is that you can choose the name of the macros by their keyboard sequence, for instance by holding the Alt key and pressing the letter corresponding to the action you want to associate to this sequence.
As you can see from the screenshots below, KeyMacro is a very straightforward software that can be easily used for the basic keyboard actions.
Although we had some minor issues with a couple of macros, they are quite easy to resolve.
To be frank, we do not think that this software is worth a review, as it is extremely simple to use, and its interface is quite straight forward.
Its price is also quite minimal, and we think that there are many alternatives that can help you with your everyday activities.
WORDFINDER Description:
Although plenty of automatic utilities to search your files and folders are available, WORDFINDER can help you with a search you can’t ignore: the search in the history of your e-mails and other files saved on your computer.
WORDFINDER lets you search not only the main Windows history, but also the Windows XP “Text File History”.
The program also integrates into the Windows Explorer, which can easily be accessed from the “Tools” menu in the main window.
To search for your files, you just need to press the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+H, then the program automatically recognizes the location where your files have been saved.
The history that it finds is displayed in a separate window, where you can sort the found files using different criteria such as the date they were saved or the name.
WORDFINDER is a very useful tool that lets you search in the history of the files you saved on your PC, and this can prove useful when you do not remember exactly where you saved them.
Although it is not the best freeware 4f8c9c8613 beriterr

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